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Welcome to C.W. Sears Elementary School! C.W. Sears School works in partnership with parents and community to provide a safe environment in which each student develops lifelong learning skills to make a positive contribution in an increasingly complex and ever-changing society.​​


C.W. Sears School operates within Battle River School Division and serves Kindergarten to Grade 4 students from within the town of Tofield, Alberta and its surrounding rural areas, approximately 45 km east of Edmonton.  Students graduating from our school move just across the school yard to Tofield School, which serves students in Grades 5 - Grade 12.

C.W. Sears School officially opened on November 21, 1979 and was named after Mr. Charlie W. Sears, former Chairman of the Board of Education and long-time school trustee for Holden School District and the County of Beaver School Division.


Emily Coykendall


Kids Come First!


CW Sears, in collaboration with all stakeholders, provides a safe and supportive environment where everyone can achieve greatness.  


CW Sears is a school community that promotes positive relationships, a growth mindset, nurtures student voice and contributes to lifelong learning.


We believe that:

- Every Child Matters

- They are ALL our students

- We are all learners

- Supportive relationships are key for successful learners

- Everyone has the potential for greatness

- Taking risks is an important part of learning

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

C.W. Sears is a thriving elementary school with a population around 340 students. We have a diverse student population including many different cultural backgrounds that we love to celebrate. We believe every student can learn with the necessary tools, support and environment in place.  Teachers at CW Sears work collaboratively to share best practices about teaching and learning in the areas of literacy, numeracy, student leadership and 21st. century learning. 

We offer extensive opportunities for students in Tofield and the surrounding area, including an Early Intervention (PUF) program.  We offer a character education program based on Michelle Bourba’s book, Building Moral Intelligence.  This program recognizes seven essential character virtues including empathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness. This program encourages parents to participate by doing a few activities at home. Students are encouraged to participate in roles within the school that include; weather announcements, student led assemblies, morning announcements, recess buddies, lunch buddies, garden club and more. Students run clubs from October through to April and are responsible for the planning and delivery of these clubs. The variety of clubs including book club, tech, various sports, colouring, Lego and puzzles to name a few, have fostered a strong sense of belonging to the school community.  Students are encouraged to demonstrate excellent citizenship and are recognized for  doing so.

In 2014-2015 school year, as part of the healthy school initiative, we began a breakfast program for all students at CW Sears School. We receive support from parents and local business in Tofield and area as well as through grants.  Breakfast is available to everyone and we encourage participation to ensure students are at their optimum for learning.

We work towards strengthening our partnership will all stakeholders at CW Sears by having a number of activities for families and community to attend including Family Literacy night, Remembrance Day Service, Christmas Concert and Celebrating Leadership Assemblies. We are privileged to have an active school council that provides input for decisions made in the school throughout the year.  We ensure communication with parents through the school website, agendas, newsletter, and the school council F​acebook page as well by the Remind app. We are thankful for the many parent volunteers that work collaboratively with the school to ensure we have help wherever needed. We look forward to an awesome year!

Emily Coykendall