Pre-K & Kindergarten

Early Learning Program

Battle River School Division Early Learning offers inclusive programming at C. W. Sears Elementary.  Full day programming, for PUF students, run two days/week and three morning classes/week are offered for community children.  These programs focus on providing a learning environment in which specific learning needs are met.  Each class is supported by a higher than average ratio of staff to children. The emphasis is on supporting children with delays/disabilities who are between 2.8 years of age and less than 6 on September 1st, in reaching their maximum potential in all areas of development.  A certified teacher facilitates all programming.  The teacher works closely with parents as equal partners in reinforcing the child’s developmental skills. Educationally relevant supports and services are implemented, as required.  Direct consultation and, where necessary, 1:1 service from a speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and psychologist/behaviour consultant is available to support effective programming.

Please contact the office at (780) 662- 3010, to obtain further information about this program.